CLASS of '57

45th Reunion held on August 17, 2002
at Ischoda Yacht Club, South Norwalk, Connecticut.

We really needed this cake! Baked by Shelley.

In the photo captions below, classmates names are in bold typeface.

NHS Pix #2.
Betty Price Belcher, Diane Ivan Alweil, Sherry Richmond McGarty, Eileen Slamon Conners, Jane Wilmot Borges, Hilda Robinson Verdi
NHS Pix #3.
Front: Al Felter and Barbara Brennan Felter, Fred Blore and Carole Blore. Back: Kathy Brady Lajoie and Don Lajoie, Sandy and Dave Powell
NHS Pix #4.
Pat Cutrone Poremba, Roger Romanelli, and Stan Poremba.
NHS Pix #5.
Marilyn Nesline Luther, Pearl Thommen Cannizzaro, Ray Allain, Marilyn Horvath Fecenko, Joyce Dunford Deering.
NHS Pix #6.
Fred and Rita Ferland Festo [A bravo here to Rita, our very talented DJ and entertainer.], Cindy and Jack Gilchrist, Dennis and Sandy Bertram Deilus.
NHS Pix #7.
Lucille Rivituso Clancy, Sue Downs Voorhees, Evie Putnam Theall, Maureen Gormley Bligh, Marcia Favor Grzech, Al LaVoy, and Dave Powell.
NHS Pix #8.
Maryann Pappas, Adele Satta Gallo, Rosemary Bland Stevens, Elizabeth Court, Arlene Bitar Allen.
NHS Pix #9.
Front: Gene McAndrew, Maryann Pappas, Jimmie Smith. Back: Nancy Tagliaferro Nuzzo, Jane Wilmot Borges, Adele Satta Gallo, Rosemary Bland Stevens, Arlene Bitar Allen.
NHS Pix #10.
Richard and Nancy Somers Vetare, Tom and Marilyn Nesline Luther, Al and Pearl Thommen Cannizzaro.
NHS Pix #11.
Maureen Gormley Bligh, Marilyn Horvath Fecenko, Vic Berecz.
NHS Pix #12.
Ronald Verdi, Jeanne Waterbury Loftus, Marilyn Horvath Fecenko, Ray Allain, Joyce Dunford Deering, Pearl Thommen Cannizzaro, Marilyn Nesline Luther.
NHS Pix #13.
UNKNOWN and Pat Spinola.
NHS Pix #14.
Ted and Marilyn Horvath Fecenko.
NHS Pix #15.
Joan Luhrs Berecz '56, David Lyon '74, Ted Fecenko '56, Nick Roccaforte '55.
NHS Pix #16.
Lesley and Bill Barker.
NHS Pix #17.
Nick and Arlene Hadik Roccaforte.
NHS Pix #18.
Sue Nevas, Al LaVoy, and Pat Spinola
NHS Pix #19.
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Thanks to Karen Fecenko Lyon, Joyce Dundord Deering, Bill Barker, and Marilyn Horvath Fecenko for the photos on this webpage.

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