CLASS of '57

70th Birthday Party Dinner held on October 3, 2009
at the Norwalk Inn and Conference Center, East Norwalk, Connecticut.

62 people attended including classmates from as far away
as New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, and South Carolina.

Photos are courtesy of Erik Fiedler, Barbara Famiglietti Signore, Evie Putnam Theall, and Vic Berecz.

70th Sign 70th Cake

Birthday 1-1
Marilyn Horvath Fecenko MC'd the evening.
Birthday 1-2
Ralph Rizzo enjoying a beer.
Birthday 1-3
Jane Willmott Borges and Erik Fiedler.
Birthday 1-4
Barbara Brennan Felter, our Class Secretary and Reunion Committee Chairperson.
Birthday 1-1
Cam Makosky Porter.
Birthday 1-2
Carol Keeler Kitridge.
Birthday 1-3
Dave Powell.
Birthday 1-4
Gail Carpenter Kern.
Birthday 2-1
Front: Marcia Favor Grzech and Joy Lawrence Kopesky. Rear: Evie Putnam Theall, Marie Aquino McBennett and Betty Price Belcher.
Birthday 2-2
Mary Alice Fitzgerald and Julita Carrione Blasi.
Birthday 2-3
David and Cam Makosky Porter, Vic Berecz, Jeanne Waterbury Loftus, and David Kane.
Birthday 3-1
Rita Ferland Festo, TBD, Joe Cea, and TBD.
Birthday 3-2
Remembering (clockwise): Ken Premru, Linda Tuchy Keena, Peggy Connell Tarala, and Judy Wilmott Yates.
Birthday 3-3
Fred Blore and wife Carole.
Birthday 4-1
Linda Rivituso Clancey and husband Jim.
Birthday 4-2
Jim Deering, Joyce Dunford Deering, Fidelia and Jim Brunetti.
Birthday 4-3
Pat Spinola and wife Pat.
Birthday 5-1
Roberta Mayen Bernier, Barbara Famiglietti Signore, and TBD.
Birthday 5-2
Rosemary Bland Stevens and TBD.
Birthday 5-3
Ellie Morabito Sveda and her husband Bob.

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