CLASS of '57

60th Reunion Luncheon held on June 10, 2017
at Oak Hills Park, Norwalk, Connecticut.
60th Reunion Cake
60th Reunion Display

Attendance was 78 including 50 class members.

In the photo captions, classmates names are in bold typeface.

Photo 0-1
The display board was a gathering spot all afternoon.
The restaurant at Oak Hills Park in Norwalk was a lovely venue.
Photo 1-1
Ray Allain and Nick Cioffi.
Pam Strohm Gordon and Sharon Hyatt Mathews.
Photo 2-1a           Photo 2-1b
Sandy Ventrella Morgan and Arlene Hadik Roccoforte.
Photo 2-2
L-R: Marcia Favor Grzech, Betty Price Belcher, Evie Putnam Theall; seated Margie Ruskay Good.
Rita Ferland Festo and Betty Price Belcher.
Photo 3-1
Barbara Famiglietti Signore (center) with husband Anthony
with Joan Kestenbaum Sundloff.
Photo 4-1a           Photo 4-1b
Ken Premru and Bob Eames.
Photo 4-2a           Photo 4-2b
Toni Bria Fodor and Gail Carpenter Kern.
Photo 6-1
Jim Brunetti and his wife with Eric Fiedler.
Marie Aquino McBennett, Barbara Brennan Felter and Jack Calandriello ...
background, Marilyn Horvath Fecenko and John Altieri.
Photo 5-1
Dave Powell, Charlie Vasil and Fred Blore.
Photo 4-2a           Photo 5-2b
Pat Spinola and Joyce Dunford Deering.
Photo 8-1
Linda Tuchy Keena and Sandy Bertram Deilus.
Rosemary Bland Stevens and Adele Satta Gallo.
Photo 7-1
Dave Powell, Sandy Ventrella Morgan and Pat Cavallo Park.
Photo 7-2
Marcia Favor Grzech and husband Bob.
Photo 9-1a           Photo 9-1b
Jim Deering and Sue Nevas.
Photo 9-2a           Photo 9-2b
Eileen Slamon Connors and Judy Wilmott Yates.
Photo 10-1
Don Myers and Lucy Rivituso Clancey.
Tom Boone and Carole Saccoccio Ramey.
Photo 14-1a           Photo 14-1b
John Altieri and Fred Blore with his wife.
Photo 14-2a           Photo 14-2b
Pete Goldner and Eva Wagman.
Photo 11-1
Enjoying the veranda are:
Lucy Rivituso Clancey, Donna Rissolo, Sandy Ventrella Morgan,
June Myers (Don's wife), and Eileen Slamon Connors.
Nancy Tagliaferro Nuzzo, Peggy Connell Tarala, Ed Picard and his wife.
Photo 12-1a           Photo 12-1b
Jeanette Mitchell Church and Jeanne Waterbury Loftus.
Photo 12-2a           Photo 12-2b
Charlie Vasil and Pat Cavallo Park.
Photo 13-1
Marilyn Horvath Fecenko and husband Ted Fecenko ('56).
Vic Berecz and wife Joan Luhrs Berecz ('56).

I think there's at least one photo of all classmates attending.
If I've misidentified anyone, or spelled your name incorrectly, please let me know by e-mail. Thanks, Vic.

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Thanks to Barbara Famiglietti Signore, Barbara Brennan Felter, Marcia Favor Grzech and Vic Berecz for the photos on this webpage.
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