Classmates in Naples, FL
Classmates at 2012 Florida "mini-reunion" ... from front (L-R): Marilyn Horvath Fecenko, Marie Aquino McBennett, Eileen Slamon Conners, Diane Casalese Tuozzolo, Ellie Morabito Sveda, Evie Putnam Theall, Lucy Rivituso Clancey, Jeanne Waterbury Loftus, Sandy Ventrella Morgan, Linda Tuchy Keena, Jack Gilcrist, Vic Berecz, Don Myers, with Bob Chuzas and Ray Allain in back avoiding the camera ... but, there are photos of them below.

Florida Mini-Reunion of March 11, 2017 hosted by Lucille Rivituso Clancey
Photos courtesy of Bob Chuzas.

Bob Chuzas Jim Deering Joyce Dunford Evie Putnam Lucy Rivituso Eileen Slamon Jeanne Waterbury
2017 Group

Don't Forget -- Coming Soon

Our 60th Reunion ... Saturday, June 10

Buffet Lunch at Oak Hills -- 1-5 PM

165 Fillow Street, West Norwalk

2017 Gals

Florida Get-Together in March 2016
Sorry No Photos Available

Florida Mini-Reunion of March 14,2015 at the home of Lucille Rivituso Clancey
Photos courtesy of Bob Chuzas.

Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3
Photo 4a Photo 4b Photo 5a Photo 5b Photo 6

Florida Mini-Reunion in March 2014 at the home of Lucille Rivituso Clancey
Sorry No Photos Available

Florida Mini-Reunion on March 23-24, 2013
at the homes of Lucille Rivituso Clancey and Evelyn Putnam Theall.

Lucy and Evie hosted a two-day gathering, with an elegant dinner Saturday at Lucy's Naples home,
and on Sunday a fun boat-trip followed by an informal gathering at Evie's Marco Island vacation home.
It was an exceptional weekend of fun, friendship, and memories.

Boat ride photos are courtesy of Lucy Rivituso Clancey.

Photo 1
Gathering at the dock in Naples.
Photo 2
This bald eagle saluted the Class of '57.
Photo 3
Collage of classmates "aboard ship."

Florida Mini-Reunion on March 3, 2012
at the home of Lucille Rivituso Clancey.

Lucy Rivituso Clancey and husband Jim hosted a "mini-reunion" at their lovely Naples, Florida home on March 3.
Fifteen class members ... both snowbirds and full-time Florida residents attended ... plus spouses and friends.
It was a great evening of friendship and reminiscence.

Photos are courtesy of Lucy Rivituso Clancey and Vic Berecz.

Photo 1
They're still kickin' up their heels!
Photo 2
Bob Chuzas and Jack Gilchrist.
Photo 3
Marilyn Horvath Fecenko and husband Ted ('56) with Ray Allain.
Photo 4
Hostess Lucy Rivituso Clancey with webmaster Vic Berecz.
Photo 5
Host Jim Clancey with Jeanne Waterbury Loftus.
Photo 6
It was a warm winter day, a delightful venue, great food and drink, and a luscious chocolate cake. A good time was had by all.

Florida Mini-Reunion on March 6, 2011
at the home of Lucille Rivituso Clancey.

Lucy and her husband Jim had frequently hosted classmates at their lovely Naples home,l
but this was the first occasion where the number of classmates gathered on the same day was sufficient to call it a "mini-reunion."

Photos are courtesy of Bob Chuzas.

Photo 1
Marie, Lucy, and Evie ... old times are ne'er forgotten.
Photo 2
Enjoying old friends and good wine.
Photo 3
Sandy and Bob ... always a gracious smile.

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