CLASS of '57

Corrections and Updates to 50th Reunion Booklet.

HALL, Jonathan -- Update address and e-mail to:
5480 Conte Drive
Carson City, NV 89701

KANE, David -- Correct city of residence to Cape Coral, FL 33904

RIVITUSO, Lucille -- Correct married name to Lucille Clancey
and correct e-mail address to:

List of Missing Classmates

This is the list of missing classmates compiled by the Committee from mailings returned as undeliverable.
If you have any information about any of these people, please e-mail it to:
Norwalk High School Class of '57 Committee.

Aaron, Jesse
Babash, Edward
Bakos, Sharon I.
Baldauf, Barbara J.
Barndollar,Patricia J.
Barresi, Joseph M.
Baskay, Carol A.
Bennett, James W.
Bidgood, Barbara
Booth, Robert A.
Cohen, Joseph
Dyer, Patricia
Edmundson, Paula
Esterly, Judith A.
Fleming, Donald
Fleming, Louis J.
Fournier, Robert
Frederick, Mary E.
Gaucher, Patricia
Gleie, John E.
Goodyear, Emma Jean
Graves, James P.
Haack, Gordon M.
Harsham, Ted
Hegedus, Andrea
Hess, Stuart
Hoyt, Gertrude
Hudak, Nancy
Johnson, Carolyn V.
King, Barbara J.
Kocian, Brenda W.
Kuban, Barbara A.
Lamar, William
Lobdell, Kenneth M.
Mahan, Annabelle C.
Marshall, Nancy
Miller, William
Moore, David H.
Myles, Elsie
O’Neill, Dorothy A.
O'Reilly, John P.
Park, Judith A.
Pelletier, Joan M.
Pogany, Mehle
Powers, Kathleen
Preston, Richard
Prizio, Nancy C.
Reimer, Ronald W.
Rothschild, Caroline
Roxburgh, Arlene J.
Schmelzer, Suzanne
Schwartz, Naomi E.
Sefarian, George W.
Silk, Richard
Sonn, Martin
Toth, Judy A.
Valentik, Stephen
Watson, Theodore J.
Wisniewski, Carolyn
Zanvetter, Antionette J.

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