CLASS of '57

55th Reunion Brunch held on June 3, 2012
at Shore and Country Club, Norwalk, Connecticut.

Shore & Country Club         Group of Gals

A group of the gals posing for Don Myers.
[Front] Gail Carpenter Kern, Lucy Rivituso Clancey and Marie Aquino McBennett.
[Rear] Sandy Ventrella Morgan, Claire Bellefeuille Brown, Eileen Slamon Connors, Joyce Dunford Deering,
Linda Tuchy Keena, Maureen Gormley Bligh, Ellie Morabito Sveda, Barbara Brennan Felter and Linda Smith Gaglione.

Sunday's attendance was 84.

In the photo captions, classmates names are in bold typeface.

Photo 1-1
Don Barnum, Tom Boone, and Gene McAndrew.
Pat Cutrone Poremba and Mary Helen Drowne Fasano.
Photo 2-1
Lucy Rivituso Clancey, Paul Westhelle, John Theall and Evie Putnam Theall.
Mary Ann Pappas and Pam Strohm Gordon.
Photo 3-1
Don Myers and his wife with Rene LeDuc and Linda Smith Gaglione.
Jane Willmott Borges, Adele Satta Gallo and Pat Tschilske.
Photo 4-1
Our MC, Marilyn Horvath Fecenko: "Why aren't they listening?"
Jeanne Waterbury Loftus, Gail Carpenter Kern and Linda Smith Gaglione.
Photo 5-1
Angela DeMarco Roma with Jim Brunetti and his wife.
Jo Ann Pimball Sciglimpaglia and Claire Bellefeuille Brown.
Photo 6-1
Ellie Morobito Sveda and Toni Bria Fodor.
June Myers, Arlene Cioffi, Nick Cioffi, Rene LeDuc and Don Myers.
Bottom Photo
Webmaster Vic Berecz looking for a photo-op.
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