CLASS of '57

50th Reunion Dinner/Dance held on October 6, 2007
at Chatham Manor, Norwalk, Connecticut.

Saturday's cake: baked by Shelley.

First, our thanks to four great ladies ...

Barbara Brennan Felter ...
Barbara Brennan
... our Class Secretary who has
kept reunions going for a half century.
Marilyn Horvath Fecenko ...
Marilyn Horvath
... who planned Saturday's event and
maintained our mailing list.
Rita Ferland Festo ...
Rita Ferland
... whose wonderful voice inspired us
again with God Bless America.
Arlene Hadik Roccaforte ...
Arlene Hadik
... who designed and made the
NHS bookmark favors.

... and thanks also to Pat Spinola, who acted as MC.

Pat Spinola with wife Pat
Pat Spinola with wife Pat.

Saturday evening's attendance was 175, including over 100 classmates.

In the photo captions, classmates names are in bold typeface.

Posters prepared by Evie Putnam Theall displayed news articles about classmates and photos and letters from classmates who couldn't attend.
Food & Drink
Pleasant drinks and a sumptuous buffet dinner were enjoyed by all.
Saturday Photo
Evie Putnam Theall, Toni Bria Fodor, and Maureen Gormley Bligh.
Saturday Photo
Betty Price Belcher, Ruth Malmquist Craffey, and Arlene Hadik Roccaforte.
Saturday Photo
Carol Lazar Ryle and Ed Ryle, and Sandy Kellogg.
Saturday Photo
Lucille Rivituso Clancey and Sandy Kellogg Gray.
Saturday Photo
Joyce Dunford Deering, Jim Brunetti, and Dave Powell.
Saturday Photo
Jack Calandriello, Ruth Malmquist Craffey, and Sandy Kellogg
Saturday Photo
John McBennett ('56 at left) and Marie Aquino McBennett.
Saturday Photo
Jimmy Smith, Barbara Famiglietti Signore, Don LaJoie.
Sunday Photo
Roberta Mayen Bernier, Barbara Famiglietti Signore, and Gene McAndrew.
Sunday Photo
Don LaJoie and Kathy Brady LaJoie.
Saturday Photo
Pat Cavallo Park, Joe Cea and unidentified.
Saturday Photo
Carole Saccoccio Ramey, Ralph Rizzo, Pat Cavallo Park.
Saturday Photo
Tom Regan, Paul Williams, Paulette Casalese Williams ('59).
Saturday Photo
Rit Cross and Ed Picard
Saturday Photo
Betty Price Belcher and Jeanne Waterbury Loftus.
Saturday Photo
Pat Cavallo Park, Judy Park Hill, Diane Hill Proctor, and Betty Harding Longley.
Reunion Booklet
The Reunion Booklet was a hit with many attendees
including Diane Ivan Alweil and husband Bernie shown here.
Fiedler and Confortini
Erik Fiedler and Ace Confortini with their wives.
Hilda Robinson Verdi and husband Ron.
McGarty and Romanelli
Sherry Richmond McGarty with husband John and Roger Romanelli.
Tony Buonaiuto and wife
Tony Buonaiuto and wife Paula.
Bland, Wilmot, Price
Rosemary Bland Stevens, Jane Wilmot Borges and Betty Price Belcher.
Roger and Barbara Peden
Roger Peden and Barbara Geitz Peden.
Jackie Churchill and husband.
Jackie Churchill Gobel and husband Ed.
Diane Ivan and Ed Babbit
Diane Ivan Alweil and Ed Babbit.
Table Photo 1
[CCW from 9:00] Jim Clancey, Joyce Dunford Deering, Jim Deering, Evie Putnam Theall, Marcia Favor Grzech, Bob Grzech, Margie Ruskay Good, Eileen Slamon Connors, George Connors.
Table Photo 2
Table Photo #2 - send IDs.
Table Photo 3
Table Photo #3 - send IDs.
Table Photo 4
Table Photo #4 - send IDs.
Table Photo 5
Table Photo #5 - send IDs.
... all enjoyed the DJ and perhaps a dance or two.
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Thanks to Bob Chuzas, Evie Putnam Theall, Erik Fiedler, Barbara Famiglietti Signore, Diane Ivan Alweil, and Vic Berecz for the photos on this webpage.
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